Saturday, 16 June 2012

Timeless Jobs - De Vecinal

Every year people who use the village irrigation system get together de vecinal (communal job) to clean the ditches before water is channeled into them. In teams of two or three, one person cuts the grass, brambles etc and one or two others rake up and remove the debris so it doesn´t block the channels. Gravel and sand is also shovelled away so it doesn´t cause an obstruction.

In the ditch
We have to construct a small dam to channel water into the acequia (irrigation channel) - If only we could have a permanent structure! Unfortunately the river authority isn´t keen to let us. One day...
A hot discussion topic on the job is always the people who use the irrigation but won´t pay/work their quota for upkeep of the system.
Today it was hot sweaty and dusty, but it´s fun to be out with the ´old boys´. - At nearly 50 I´m the youngest!
Now at last I can irrigate my veg garden rather than water by hand. watch this space...........

Checking the ´´dam´´


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